– Bundles srl pays Suppliers on time. We strongly believe our Suppliers are the main resource and we appreciate their trust giving us terms to allow processing the blocks and extend terms to our Customers. Therefore, we would consider unfair and unacceptable to involve them in what happening in our receivables side due to slow collection, claims, weather circumstances, banking troubles, slow business or whatever else we must hear sometime.

– Bundles srl works hard to reduce quality issues to the minimum although the nature of our business does not allow anyone bringing issues down to zero. In the effort to improve our quality procedures we encourage our Customers to check our deliveries within 7 days from the arrival date. We do the same each time we purchase from our Suppliers and we agree it is not fair and not acceptable to make claims after weeks or, much worse, at the time to pay the invoice. If it happens, our Suppliers would be right thinking we are just abusing about their trust, trying to delay the payment and/or short paying the invoice amount.

– Bundles srl sells based on the acceptance of this document and per the General Sales/Credit Terms you receive each time we send a Proforma Invoice and/or Order Confirmation to you and always available on If you disagree with our “ETHICS” and/or “SALES/CREDIT TERMS” please do not buy from Bundles srl.

Thank you.

Bundles srl

Board of Directors

Release 1.2 11/03/2015